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Our Qualified Trainers


Dr. Davood Khalili, PHD., P.E.,

Dr. Davood Khalili is a scientist, an inventor, a professor and a writer, with several patents and publications. He has lectured in several countries and speaks multiple languages. His writings are influential, uplifting and provide the reader with entertainment, along with hope, inspiration and self-esteem.

•  Contemporary Management
•  Human Resource Management
•  Leadership
•  Managing Innovation and Change
•  Management Information Systems for Managers (MIS)
•  General Management and Technology Training and Consulting
Angela Heise, M.A., Grad. Cert. NLP

Based in Sydney, Australia, Angela is a highly experienced corporate trainer, facilitator and executive coach with an international portfolio of clients. For the past eleven years, she has been working with individuals and organisations from many different industries in the areas of communication skills (including sales and telemarketing), social, cultural and emotional intelligence, cross-cultural understanding, performance and presentation skills, leadership development, creativity and innovation.

With a passion for ongoing development, Angela is constantly adding to her portfolio of skills, enabling her to bring innovative technology and inspirational thinking to her clients. She is currently undertaking the Master of Organisational Coaching at the University of Sydney .

Angela is a member of the NLP Trainer Registration Board, the University of Sydney Coaching and Mentoring Association (USCMA) the American Academy for Experts in Traumatic Stress and the International Coach Federation. She is a Certificate IV Workplace Trainer, Certified NLP Trainer, Certified Counsellor, Certified de Bono Trainer, Certified Ericksonian Hypnotherapist, Accredited Practitioner of Human Synergistics and Certified Level 2 Practitioner of Cultural Transformation Tools

A few of her courses are:

Social Intelligence Courses

Emotional Intelligence Courses

Meaningful Communication

Working with Emotional Intelligence

Motivating through Effective Feedback

Managing Change

Coaching Skills for Managers

Dealing with Stage Fright

Telephone Skills for Outstanding Customer Service

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

Leading Women

Managing Difficult People

Presentation Skills


Cultural Intelligence Courses

Creativity and Thinking Skills

Leveraging Cultural Difference

Six Thinking Hats ®

Dealing with Culture Shock

Lateral Thinking TM

High Performance Team Development

Direct Attention Thinking Tools TM



•  Richard Barrett's Cultural Transformation Tools (Corporate and Personal Values,
   Team Culture)

•  Human Synergistics LSI Assessment (Leadership Development, Emotional and
   Social Intelligence)

•  Emotional Intelligence tests
•  Cross-cultural competency assessments
Terence Egan

Terence Egan's corporate career has spanned industries including Finance, Advertising, Graphic Design, Publishing, Printing, IT, Telecommunications and Manufacturing. He has worked for Australian, American, Japanese and Chinese multinationals undertaking a diverse range of responsibilities: sales and sales management, copywriting, marketing management, directing television and radio advertising, training, research, consultancy and CEO.


Since moving to China in 2001, Terence has been Associate Professor in the Business School of Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing , where he lectures in a range of courses including:

•  Human Resource Management
•  Business Communication
•  Business and Investment in China

(for European students and executives)


In his 'spare' time, Terence has written several books on skills-related themes and has edited two Business English textbooks, one of which has been included on the national university booklist. In January 2007, Terence was honored to receive 'The Great Wall Friend of China Award', the highest honor accorded foreigners in Beijing .


Language Programs


Skills Development


Knowledge Programs

Vocabulary Building


Formal Presentation


Corporate Strategy

Reading and Discussion


Informal Presentation



Email for Global Business




Marketing Strategy

Cultural Competence for


Business Etiquette


Market-based Mgt

Global Communication


Managing People


Organization Behavior

Report Writing


Creative Thinking


Human Resource Mgt

Action Learning Programs


Lessons from the




Business dilemmas

Action Learning

Michael A.Oswell

Mike is an experienced and successful business leader, business developer and manager. Extremely well travelled, his career has enabled him to work in most continents of the world. He has been especially successful in the leadership of multinational teams, whether in business management or project management tasks.


His cross cultural negotiation skills are well proven and amongst his strengths he would consider the development and maintenance of client and team relationships to be of paramount importance.


A member of  the  technical  negotiating  team  responsible for the hand-over of 
Hong Kong to China in 1997, he has led or participated in a number of Government
to Government missions in different parts of the world. He is an accomplished
speaker and presenter. In recent years he has turned his talents to the provision of
executive education in Beijing.


Courses facilitated and experience include:

 •  Executive Coaching (International Banking)
•  Executive Coaching (Marketing)
•  Executive Coaching (Marketing and Business Development)
•  Executive Coaching (Business Development)
•  Executive Coaching (Presentations)
•  Executive Coaching (Financial Management)
•  Executive Coaching (International Communication)
•  Business Strategy Consulting
•  Executive Coaching (Marketing)
•  Management Staff – Business English
•  IT Professionals – Business English
•  Written Business Communication
•  Sales Managers – Business English Communication
•  Department Managers – Business English Communication
•  Young Leaders – Business Communication and Negotiation
•  Written Business Communication
•  Communications Training
Dr. Serena Rovai

Dr. Serena Rovai is a Consultant in IHRM and cross-cultural management. She holds a PhD in Business Administration and a Master in International Business

She is part of the faculty at Grenoble Ecole de Management - as Affiliated Professor in International Management - in France, one of the top 15 leading business schools in Europe. She had been teaching at the University of International Business and Economics (top 5) – UIBE - in Beijing cross-cultural management. She is designing and delivering executive training programs for Fortune 500' clients and international institutions in China – Philip Morris, Am-Cham, Nokia amongst the others - and abroad – ISPI Milan, University of Memphis US, University of Dallas US - in international HRM, cross-cultural management, leadership and China business and management.


Executive training programmes design and implementation:

•  International Management
•  Culture and HR Management in China
•  IHRM and Cross-cultural management
•  Cross-cultural Management and IHRM in the technology sector in China
•  Chinese Women in Business
•  Executive training Business Ethics, Doing Business and Managing in China, 
   Emerging Markets
•  HRM issues in China
•  International HRM
•  Cross cultural communication and management in China

Training through the Arts

H!TANG and China Creative Connections were created by the French Hortense HALLÉ and the Austrian Felicia
SCHWARTZ. In China for a total of 12 years between them,
they strive to bridge China and Europe. Because of many
business synergies, these two ladies teamed up in 2006 to
offer you better, wider, professional services.


They have a strong background in marketing and advertising,
and share a passion for arts and culture. This ensures a
perfect translation of your



Why the Arts as a training tool?

The Arts inspire a different state of mind and make employees step out of their usual role and hierarchy for a moment. The Arts propose different, often non verbal channels of communication, which permit new expression and perception on the part of employees.

The Arts are often playful which helps engage employees and which makes "dead
concepts" breathe and come alive. With regards to China's internationalizing corporate scene The Arts are an effective bridge and a "common language" in a multicultural environment where spoken language can be a barrier.


Which Arts for what training?


Conflict resolution

Corporal expression, role play

Intercultural communication

Presentation skills


Team building

Brain-vocal coordination

Leadership training


Team building

Brain-emotional link

Leadership training



Thinking and force of
action link


Stress management


Non verbal communication

Corporal expression,   
brain- emotional link

Lead/follow (coordination)

For more information on this new training method, don't hesitate to contact us.

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