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Tax Advisory

Internationally active businesses can become entangled in a complex web of tax rules and regulations in unfamiliar territories. With ever increasing complexity of tax rules around the world, enterprises not only require in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of local rules, but also seamless cooperation between tax professionals in different jurisdictions. At WSP, we use our in-depth technical tax knowledge, and our broader understanding of how tax fits into the wider business picture, to help clients meet their compliance responsibilities and act on planning opportunities. Being a member of the JHI International CPA network with 130 members worldwide in 55 countries, we have access to the latest information on cross borders tax issues. We provide pragmatic solutions tailored to the business needs of our clients' specific business requirements, whatever their size and industry.
WSP Tax Advisory services include:

Expatriate Income Tax Planning

Enterprise Income Tax

- Assessment on tax savings and potential subsidy on EIT
- EIT Quarterly Filing
- EIT Annual Filing / Annual Tax Clearance


Value Added Tax

- VAT Refund Advisory for Export Products
- VAT Refund Advisory on process materials, order/ process with imported materials
- VAT refund advisory for Purchasing Specified Domestic Equipments
- VAT monthly review & filing


Business Tax

- Tax Advisory
- BT monthly review & filing


Withholding Tax

- Offshore Fund Remittance / Consulting Fee Tax Reduction / Exemption

Stamp Duty

- Tax Advisory on stamp duty
- Stamp Duty filing
- Books and certificates and cross out on stamps


Taxation of High-Tech Enterprises

- Application for high-tech status for enterprises


Taxation of Representative Office

- Assist in application for tax exemption (BT&EIT)
- Assist in application for tax assessment (tax filing basis)
- BT&EIT Quarterly Filing
- BT&EIT Annual Filing
- Tax Clearance of a Representative Office (Tax De-registration)


Tax Field Audit

- Provision of assistance during a tax field audit

Transfer Pricing Issue

- Advisory on transfer pricing issue
- Draft report as required by tax authority on behalf of clients


Permanent Establishment Issue

- Advisory on Permanent Establishment ("PE" issue)

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