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When you join WSP, you can expect to work alongside the best and brightest in the field. Like you, we are people-centered, professional, passionate about progress, and great team players. Believing in these core values and living them everyday is our shared philosophy and common bond. These values drive the way we work and interact with one another.


We believe that you bring to the table unique skills and talent that we can harness for our work, whether you are a graduate, a newly qualified profesional, or an experienced leader. We offer you career opportunities in various consulting fields, i.e., accounting and auditing, HR, tax advisory industry, and more. Hence, we place the highest emphasis on integrity, trust, independence, and service of our employees, such that that we can in turn provide the utmost services for our clients.


Career Prospects


WSP is always looking to recruit talented individuals. Every individual is valued, and we help each other grow and develop to one's fullest potential. Training, integral to the career development of our professionals, is widely accessible and takes the form of on-the-job and structured training. Our culture of continuous learning and development supports your professional growth as your career progresses.

Interested candidates, please email your resume to us.

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