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JHI - International CPA Network
JHI International is a growing global network of highly-regarded independent
accountancy, business advisory, and financial consultancy firms. It is the leading
association of its kind, JHI exists to enhance the ability of member firms and
their clients to drive business locally and internationally through a variety of 
distinctive programs and services.

JHI is a flourishing worldwide network of approximately 130 member firms in 55
countries. Our members are respected leaders, offering a broad range of
accounting, auditing, and management consultancy services in every business
sector. They play key roles in setting the course for the profession.
This reality extends to JHI members who serve in leading positions with worldwide
bodies such as the forum of firms
, an organization of international firms that
perform audits of financial statements that are, or may be, used across national
JHI's global network helps member firms develop their full business
capacities, while maintaining total practice independence. Members can access
support and cost-effective business solutions no matter where in the world their
businesses take them.


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