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What is Instant Office?


Instant Office (also known as the China Representative Program) is a local manager leased to you along with supporting services and supervision that includes:


  Recruitment of a local Chinese professional (ChinaRep) according to your 


  Employment of this professional under WSP's payroll but assigning him/her fully to your business operations.
  A fully furnished workstation in a central business district area that includes all office & administrative support for your business operation.
  Accounting, IT, and HR support.
  Use of office address on your business card.
  Supervising ChinaRep's activities to ensure he/she operates according to
   office working hours and your disciplinary standards.
  Possibility of transferring this person to your own payroll once you are ready to set up a legal entity in the future.
Note: Instant office is only available in Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou.
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