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Corporate Training And Development


Willsonn Partners (WSP) is a CPA-based multi-disciplinary consulting firm with offices in Shanghai, Beijing & Guangzhou, and liaison offices in Chengdu, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. We aim to offer a one-stop solution package to our clients for most of their corporate needs. Apart from our core accounting activities, our Training and Development department is committed to provide a wide range of quality training solutions in all areas of corporate training.


WSP is not a typical training company; instead we are a training organizer. Our aim is to give you more choice in terms of courses, qualified trainers and  training methods that genuinely fit your company's identity. We truly listen to your training requests and constantly update ourselves with the different solutions in the market. Rather than selling dusty off-the- shelf courses, we bring your company staff in contact with the most suitable internationally renowned master trainers specialized in that area.


These trainers will tailor the program according to your needs. That's the way we make sure your company gets the best value for its training budget. With WSP you are only offered with the best trainers in their respective fields of expertise. In the following pages, you can find a summarized sample of the courses and trainers that we have offered. You can download the trainer CV with his or her biography, training methodology and core training competencies.

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