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Business Communication Skills


To address some of the most pressing communication problems faced by staff  and  managers  of  international companies, we have developed some specific training modules  that  focus  on  core  competencies. These modules can  be  taught  independently or in one continuous  chain. The  modules' content will in any case be customized for company specific needs.


Main Courses

1. Clearly Written Emails
2. Professional Telephoning Skills
3. Conducting Productive Meetings
4. English Writing Skills: Reports and Proposals
5. Convincing Presentation Skills


Target Participants

We can offer these modules to 2 types of participants:
1. Staff with low English language skills (B-level)

2. Staff with an intermediate level of English (A-level)

Training Methodology

Prior to the training, we will assess each and every learner via telephone and
email. Subsequently, we will tailor the program based on the language proficiency
of the participants. At WSP, we believe in applying the right training format to
deliver consistent results within the budget and time restraints of the company.


Our Training Format
These 5 important modules come in two standard formats:-

1. Long Term Training (Extensive)
2. Day Workshops (Intensive)

Day-long workshops are popular  for  most  companies  because  they  limit
business disturbance, focus resources and attention. Furthermore, these
workshops are easy to keep track and implement.
On the other hand, long-
term training give participants more time to "absorb" the teaching material.
owever  the short  timeframe  limits  the  likelihood  of the training actually 
producing  long-term   results. The participants have little time to let the material
"sink in". With the long  term training, we can address the downsides of the day
workshop format. We can help set up a training schedule that breaks up the total
amount of training hours into days, weeks or even months, depending on company


Training Structure
Our successful training structure for business communications is build around
these 3 angles:


  Standard workshop training (in group)

The basic building block of a good training program is a trainer-led group
workshop. The size of the group depends on the format and the training
content. We recommend groups of up to 20 learners  for optimal results.

  Individual participant preparation and evaluation

Individual preparation and evaluation is important for the long term success rate
 of the program. Learners need time to absorb the training content and they need
to be motivated to participate in every training session. Therefore, every workshop
will start and end with assignments that the individual participant must complete.
The main benefit is that the training is carried on after the workshop is finished and
thanks to these assignments progress can be measured and proven.


  Individualized coaching between trainer & participant

One of the most popular features of  WSP training is our reliance on 1 to 1 
training via email, telephone or even Instant Messaging we can contact the participant providing support with the individual preparations, gather feedback on the
course, assess improvements and motivate the individual on a person to
person basis. Learners truly appreciate this individualized approach and reward the
company with a higher participation rate in the training, a higher level of motivation
and, naturally, this enjoyment and  motivation produces better training results.


If you are interested in any courses, or if you have questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us now

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