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Advantages of Instant Office and Virtual Office

Easy start-up:
You can start your business operation in China readily in the fastest possible time. No time is being wasted for waiting for license application (e.g. for a Representative Office - minimum 1 month) or the hassle of setting up the infrastructure such as renovation, office furnishing and purchasing of office equipment.

Cost savings:
The ChinaRep service can be offered at a relatively lower cost due to the shared fixed expenses of the infrastructure, located at the Central Business District of Shanghai. No capital investment or licensing costs are required. There are also substantial cost-savings on office layout & renovation, furnishing and purchasing of office equipment.

Able to send an important message to your potential clients/suppliers regarding your market existence. The ChinaRep uses your company's business card and your identity with WSP's address.

Focus on core:
The ChinaRep is your "own" employee and can be immediately assigned to carry out any tasks, including sales and market research work, within and out of the respective countries.

Your staff's office activities are supervised by expatriate management of WSP.

The ChinaRep can be readily transferred from WSP to your payroll once you are ready to set-up a legal entity of your own.
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